An update from Ian Griffiths – Director


Spring is upon us and much like everything else around us, we too are growing!  We have had a very big season with the business going through yet another growth phase.  Some highlights worthy of mention;

Melbourne Airport – Grounds Maintenance Contract is ours!

This is a big step towards meeting our strategic objectives for business growth.It will provide many opportunities – not only for grounds maintenance but also our Landscape Division. The contract will employ 15-16 full time staff to undertake a variety of tasks throughout the estate. It has created career opportunities for some of our outstanding employees to be promoted into Management and Supervisory roles. It has also broadened our Corporate – Social engagement by affording employment to a number of disabled workers nominated by Melbourne Airport to work on the site under our supervision. Announcements will be made shortly.

We are due to commence on 1 December, 2018 and working very hard behind the scenes to ensure we are adequately resourced with people and equipment.

I would like to acknowledge a team of people that pulled together to see this through.  Adam Strathairn, for the lead in to this opportunity, Andrew Grasby for assisting with compiling the presentation, Vas for his input regarding crunching numbers and Maya for her patience with transferring all our ideas across to excel! Also a thank you to David Collard for bringing together the slide presentation and being an integral part of the presentation to the Airport panel during our briefing.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Recently, Super Gardens were approached to assist with the Cricket Wicket installation at the MCG.  This is a testament to our growing reputation of quality and professionalism within our industry.  Thank you to Jacob’s team for providing the labour.  The installation took place from 5.00pm to 5.00am over two nights.

Australian Jockey’s Association

I have been working closely with representatives from the Australian Jockey’s Association in relation to looking into alternative pathways of employment for retired jockeys.  Super Gardens are proud to have Nick Mehmet and Jaques Luxe as ambassadors of this venture. are keen to also do a feature titled “Life after racing” early next year.

HSEQ update

We are happy to announce the appointment of Denise Kranske, our new HSEQ Manager.  She has hit the ground running, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge.  In keeping with our focus of maintaining a safe and healthy work environment which will support our growth, we are currently reviewing our systems and ensure we are staying compliant and up to date with developments in this area.  Andrew Grasby (MD) and Lorraine Ross (HR) have recently been accredited as our Mental Health First Aid officers.  The business will be investing more into this area to ensure the wellbeing of our staff is at the forefront of HSEQ systems and processes.

Caulfield Cup

Our fantastic team have just delivered our fourth Caulfield Cup with very positive reviews.  It was mentioned that the track and surrounds looked “ the best ever” which once again, is a testament to the hard work that everyone contributed to, in making this carnival a great success.  Thank you and well done!

As 2018 races to the finish line, I wish to pass on my best wishes to our wonderful team at Super Gardens.  Thank you for taking up the challenges and jumping all the hurdles without losing momentum!  Your professionalism and dedication is sincerely appreciated.  It’s shaping up to be an exciting 2019 and I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Kind Regards,


Ian Griffiths.



An update from Dean Jamieson – Deputy General Manager, Landscape Construction


The landscape teams across the North West and South East have had a busy start to spring with our growth strategy successfully securing a pipeline of work that will take operations through until early 2019.

With a renewed mission and values statement, the internal focus of our strategic attention is the development and training of staff which has seen a number of well-deserved internal promotions. We also welcome the arrival of Alex Purich as Landscape Project Manager in the South East Division.

Operationally, the South East team are working on Open Space and Streetscapes packages at the Hartleigh and Eliston Estates in Clyde, a number of Council projects and the Town Centre Landscape Upgrades in Officer.

With support from Jacob Harang and staff from Melbourne’s Burmese community, our landscape horticulture and maintenance profile continues to grow along with Super Gardens commitment to social procurement.

In May, we successfully completed our third party accreditation audit, which delivers a commitment to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management Systems to all stakeholders and the local community.


Dean Jamieson – Deputy General Manager, Landscape Construction