Commendations from Rowan Foster – Department of Veteran’s Affairs….

As we hopefully come to the end of the hard COVID-19 lockdown, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Super Gardens for their commitment to service during what has been an extremely challenging period, in particular the team maintaining the war graves at Springvale War Cemetery and Victorian Garden of Remembrance.
Simon and Zane have demonstrated tremendous dedication, quietly going about their business with a can-do attitude while maintaining the highest possible standard of service delivery. Simon’s innovative and creative approach to his duties is to be commended and attributed to an improvement in the Site’s presentation, surpassing the requirements of the contract. The success of this team is a credit to the evident leadership and support provided by Mark.
The OAWG is committed to recognising and commemorating veterans in a dignified, solemn and respectful manner. Thank you for your support to meet this objective to the highest possible standard at the Springvale War Cemetery and Victorian Garden of Remembrance.
Thank you Rowan for your acknowledgement of the efforts of Mark Teeuw, Zane Crimmins and Simon Herdina. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the DVA.

Landscape Victoria Master Landscapers have a new President…..

Congratulations to our own CEO, Andrew Grasby who graciously accepted the nomination of President to the Landscape Victoria Master Landscapers Association at the LVML October, AGM.


We look forward to continuing our collaboration with, and contribution to, this amazing industry.

Three Cheers to….

Dean Jamieson – General Manager Grounds Services – for clocking up 15 years with us. For your dedication, spirit, and willingness to always go the extra mile. Thank you.
Maya Mendonca – Financial Controller – for your 5 years of professionalism, dedication, endurance and contagious giggles. Thank you.
We look forward to sharing the journey with you!
The Team at Super Gardens